Alembic is a web3 development platform empowering developers to build Web3 games and DApps with ease. Alembic offers an open, modular & extensible environment to power your DApp from the ground-up :
  • Account Abstraction as a Service (AaaS)
  • Layers 2, 100% EVM-compatible, with an Optimistic Chain or dedicated App-Chains
  • Middleware & APIs (NFT Marketplace, Indexer, Relayer)

Account Abstaction as a Service

Alembic simplifies how a user interacts with the blockchain and drastically improves the onboarding experience, going as far as completely abstracting wallets from users while using non-custodial solutions - offering a web2-like experience within web3. Alembic has developed Alembic Connect, a groundbreaking blockchain connection allowing users to create and manage their wallets via different solutions such as emails, social logins or even biometrics. AlembicConnect also enables sponsored transactions,allowing your dApp to handle users' transaction fees, completely abstracting the concept of gas for daily users. Essentially, end-users won't need to pay gas fees on your dApp, ever.
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Layer 2, Optimistic chains

Alembic achieves massive scalability while maintaining Ethereum-grade security through an Optimistic Chain settled on Ethereum. With full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), developers can effortlessly deploy any existing EVM tools or simply develop their own. Alembic is already available on several blockchains and aims at extending its coverage rapidly including on dedicated appchains. As such, Alembic is leveraging Optimism’s OP stack technology and its own Data Availability Committee to drastically reduce gas fees, enabling DApps to sponsor their users’ gas fees at low cost.
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Middleware & APIs

Alembic allows you to integrate NFT functionality into your applications through NFT Marketplace APIs, NFT Rental and NFT Crafting APIs, simplifying your user’s experience. It includes a built-in indexer to efficiently query and retrieve the necessary data for your dApp, as well as a built-in Relayer for user’s transaction sponsorship.
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